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Olli Classes

Henry Meguid currently offers two online Olli classes, Introduction to Bridge and Language of Bridge I.


Introduction to Bridge

In this class, participants will explore the most exciting card game in the world, meet new people, make new friends, and keep an agile mind. This course is suitable for people who never played the game before or those who casually dabbled with it in college. Through active participation, you will explore the mechanics of the game, basic hand evaluation, how to generate tricks in notrump contracts, and eliminate losers in a suit contract. This is not a bidding class, the focus is on mastering card play techniques.


Format - Each class consists of a mini-lecture followed by playing practice hands to apply the concepts learned


Required book - "A Taste of Bridge" by Jeff Bayone.  

1.Session 1  (homework - read chapters 1-6)

2.Session 2  (homework read chapters 7-9)

3.Session 3  (homework - read chapters 15-21) 

4.Session 4 (homework - read chapters 10-14)

5.Review session (no homework)

6.Session 5 (homework -read chapters 22-25) 

Language of Bridge I

Introduction to Modern Bidding 

Participants should have completed the "Introduction to Bridge" class or played bridge in college or socially and are seeking to improve their bidding and playing skills. 


In this ten-week class, participants will learn:

•How the partnership communicates their hand strength and shape to reach an optimum contract.

•Hand evaluation, Captaincy and Bucket Theory

•How to respond to Notrump opening bids

•How to differentiate between forcing and non-forcing bids

•How to open and respond to a major and minor suit opening bid

•How to enter the auction by examining modern competitive bidding techniques such as doubles, overcalls, and other conventional tools to help improve your enjoyment of the game.


Format  - Classes consist of a mini-lecture, exercises, playing practice hands, and assigned homework to apply the concepts learned. 

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