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About us

The Bridge Academy, which was established in 2015, is now Triangle Bridge Academy (TBA). The club is dedicated to promoting the game to all levels of players through lessons and games. The club is also committed to attracting newcomers and to promoting social bridge. The club has been affiliated with the  Duke Olli program since 2019, offering a variety of classes for beginners.

Our motto is "Have fun, play better."

Henry Meguid


Henry Meguid is the owner of TBA.  He is the current President of The American Bridge Teachers’ Association (ABTA) and the 2018 ABTA Teacher of the Year. He is an ACBL certified Online Teacher and an ABTA Master Teacher, North America's highest bridge teacher certification. He is a certified club director and a member of the ACBL Educational Foundation Program Committee.

His teaching philosophy is based on a modern approach to teaching the game to new players. The primary focus is to start with the general mechanics of bridge and card-playing techniques rather than the memorization of bidding sequences and conventions. This approach engages new players in enjoying the game while making incremental progress. It also prepares them to understand concepts of bidding and defense much easier. 



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